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Randy's Ring & Pinion

Does sitting on hold drive you crazy? Here is a simple suggestion to help you get through faster next time: Ask for and write down the extension number of your favorite sales person. Then, the next time you call, use that extension number to bring you immediately to their line without having to wait on hold.

If your favorite rep is already on a call, you will be directed into their voicemail. We know this can be frustrating, since lots of companies don’t return calls. At Randy's, we take voicemail very seriously. We train our sales crew to constantly monitor their voicemail and make every attempt to return all calls within one hour, so you’ll be sure to hear back from us promptly.

SALES TEAM - 1.866.631.0196
Morgan Anderson Technical Service Ext. 5524
Allen Booher Sales Representative Ext. 5570
Brian Anderson Sales Representative Ext. 5439
Bruce Reinecke Sales Representative Ext. 5517
Corey O'Connor Sales Representative Ext. 5588
Fred Dear Sales Representative Ext. 5549
Jason Carter Sales Representative Ext. 5547
Jay Cella Sales Representative Ext. 5558
Jeremy Sears Sales Representative Ext. 5548
Jim Bondarchuck Sales Representative Ext. 5525
Joe Rankin Sales Representative Ext. 5437
Kyle Aure Sales Representative Ext. 5501
Michael "Red" Torretta Sales Representative Ext. 5506
Tate Hudson Sales Representative Ext. 5573
Arron Spitzer Sales Manager Ext. 5479
Michael Naish Sales Manager Ext. 5528
Tom Parker Sales Manager Ext. 5584
Blue Tipton National Accounts Rep Ext. 5434
Doug Ross National Accounts Manager Ext. 5577
Chris Anderson National Accounts Coordinator Ext. 5532