About Us

RANDYS Worldwide is more than just the leading supplier in the United States for differential gears, axles, installation kits, small parts, tools, lockers, limited slips, and drivelines. We are the one-stop solution for ALL your drivetrain needs! RANDYS is defined by unsurpassed inventory, vast parts selection, and top-notch industry expertise.

Our employees know and love the automotive space, with many experienced in assembling and modifying their own builds. It’s this passion for parts that gives us an edge over the competition. Customers are guaranteed to find the part they need, the know-how to use it, and enthusiastic support from our staff every step of the way.

Our History

RANDYS Worldwide Automotive caters to all types of automotive installers, enthusiasts, teams, and racers in off-road, street, track, restoration, custom, and general repair. Our manufactured brands are installed and sold everywhere from the smallest of shops to largest retailers in the world. RANDYS employs over 200 team members across seven warehouses and facilities, with continued growth as new lines, brands, products and applications are added.


The Start

In 1982, the founder, Randy Lyman, first opened his differential business in Sacramento, CA as a small service shop out of his garage.


Parts Distribution

Randy begins parts distribution, fulfilling a new need for the customer.


Moving North

Randy opens a small service shop in Redmond, WA. Along with repair work the shop is also used to for product testing, training and research on the latest vehicle applications.


Expanded Facility

Randy relocates the shop north to Everett, WA, allowing for further expansion opportunities focusing on quality parts and distribution.


Distribution Network

A second warehouse is opened in Franklin, TN offering faster service to the east coast.

New Headquarters


Randy's Ring & Pinion expands to a 58,000 square foot office and warehouse space in Everett, WA.


West Coast Expansion

A Third warehouse opens in Fresno, CA offering next day ground service to California.


Faster Shipping Nationwide

Service is improved to the Midwest by opening a fourth warehouse in Florence, KY.


A New Name

Randy's Ring & Pinion becomes RANDYS Worldwide, a global brand.


Drivetrain Coverage

RANDYS Worldwide expanded product line further into drivetrain by offering driveline products.


Adding a Leader in Remanufacturing

RANDYS acquires Zumbrota Bearing & Gear out of Minnesota, incorporating remanufactured transmissions, transfer cases and associated components to the drivetrain catalog.

The RANDYS Advantage

RANDYS Worldwide is dedicated to leading the automotive aftermarket as the premier parts provider!

Unequaled Quality

RANDYS products are manufactured in factories that apply to our strict specifications. Two high-tech testing labs in our Everett, WA facility ensure only quality approved product reaches the consumer.

Innovative Designs

The engineering team at RANDYS is constantly developing and refining products to push reliability and performance. Thirteen separate design patents allow us to deliver quality parts that truly stand apart.

Knowledge & Experience

RANDYS is your source for drivetrain expertise! Our tech and sales teams are highly trained in undercar, and are able to provide parts recommendations for your vehicle’s unique specifications and usage.

Speed of Service

Same day shipping from strategically located national warehouses allows product to reach 95% of United States customers within 1-2 days. Our support staff is on-hand to support customers of all sizes from retail to big box.

Competitive Pricing

Through our Yukon Gear & Axle, USA Standard Gear and Zumbrota brands, RANDYS is able to target both performance and replacement marketplaces. Providing customers greater choice and a range of price points.

Our Team


“We have been using RANDYS in our store for a number of years for not only replacement axles but also for rear differential rebuilds from time to time. The quality of their parts and service is a breath of fresh air in what can sometimes be a challenging environment. The Yukon axles have performed as advertised and a much better price structure than a dealership offers. I have personally dealt with Tate Hudson on a number of occasions over the years and he has always been quick to come up with the correct parts and prices and when necessary, is there with a follow up call to make sure that everything went as it should. It is nice to know that there is a company out there like RANDYS who delivers quality parts and service on a regular basis.”

– Les Schwab Tire Centers

Love the DIFF WIZARD….Just use the drop down menu and you have the differential that you are working on…..you can see all the parts offered for that differential and the prices….the box stores have some parts for differentials but not like RANDYS Worldwide…most complete sets compared to box stores…..glad I found you guys! You guys make differential work much easier.”

– Paul Bonn


“Yukon is on the forefront of innovation in drivetrain technology. Murphy’s Law Motorsports has been running Yukon product since 2009. Yukon’s name is on almost every essential component in our driveline and wouldn’t have it any other way. Yukon’s commitment to innovation directly impacts our success. Every time we race, we push our equipment to the extreme limit and sometimes beyond. Our team of engineers is constantly providing feedback to Yukon which is ultimately making its way into their product offering which is available to everyone.”

– Lucas Murphy, Murphy’s Law Motorsports

“As a weekend racer working as an active duty military firefighter, getting quality parts that last and stand up to the abuse we Ultra4 Racing drivers throw at it is crucial. Running in the Pro-stock class of Ultra 4 requires the best parts and that is where Yukon Gear and Axle comes in to play. Running Yukon 4.88 gears, Hardcore Locking Hubs, Chromoly shafts and Yukon’s Grizzly locker in the front HP D60 matched with Yukon Gears, spool and Chromoly shafts in the rear ford 8.8 giving us unparalleled traction in all conditions. We have fought and clawed our way to every finish putting us 3rd in the Nation. We owe our victories to companies who proudly manufacture the best parts right here in the U.S. So again thank you Yukon Gear and Axle because without quality parts such as yours we would never have seen the checkered flag as many times as we have.”

– Matt Salyers

“The customer service I have received from the staff at Yukon has been excellent. I was having trouble finding a bearing for my small housing Ford 9″ and after a quick phone call to their technicians they knew exactly what I needed, had it in stock and it shipped that same day! My ’69 bronco needed some new driveshafts. I selected Yukon driveshafts because of the quality of their product and they are made in the USA. After sending in my measurements, the guys called me and recommended that I also upgrade the size of my u-joints to 1350 due to the measurements angles. I really appreciate how Yukon pays attention to the details and will follow up with their customers. The driveshafts fit perfectly!”

– Chris Huth

“While pre-running for the Ultra4 race in Attica Indiana, I broke an stock inner axle shaft damaging the air line on my Yukon Competition Zip locker. After replacing the broken axle we installed the locker with the air line still broken. Knowing the locker was in the default “lock” position we could run the race with confidence knowing we would have the needed traction at both wheels and run the race. We finished the race without winching and took the checkered flag in 2nd place. Big thanks to Yukon!”

– Rob Matzell, Matzell Motorsports #4573

“Let me start off by saying that Yukon products are hands down the best and strongest parts available for your rig. I have been running Yukon Flanges, axle shafts, super joints, lockers and ring and pinions since 2009. These parts have been raced every season since with a total of around 500 passes on them. We race hill and hole mud racing as well as throttle king, and obstacle courses with this truck everywhere we go and we don’t lift off the skinny pedal, so they are abused regularly. The one thing that I can tell anyone about Yukon is that they make a outstanding product and they stand behind everything they sell. We appreciate everything you do for us and will continue to support Yukon in the mudracing and off-road world.”

– Chris Dye

“Just wanted to tell you how easy the installation of the front hubs was. With the directions and pictures, I was able to install the locking hubs with no problem. They worked the first time I tried them. I was impressed with the quality of the parts. I now know for sure that when I engage the hubs and shift into 4×4 I will get 4×4.”

– Robert Cox

“After using two other brands of gears and still having unaceptable gear noise in my Ford 9″ in my 1969 Camaro I decided to try some Yukons as I heard they were quiet. The brand X gears were built by two different major online gear builders but noise was to much to live with. I have never put a rear end together before but decided to try after much research. It was a learning experience for me but I am so pleased. I did have to buy some tools and a bearing press to do the job and the result is they are so quiet it is unbelievable, thank you Team Yukon.”

– Jerry S

I would like to thank you for helping me when my car broke down at the track. You were the first person to show up and offer help. Its always nice when fellow racers offer help but often there is no follow through. You gave me your business card and when I called you your willingness and expert advice was very well appreciated. Not only did you give me the correct parts at a great price but you offered to have your company assemble it for me. What a relief it was to have that burden lifted. I will recommend Yukon Gear and Axle to everyone because of the great service I received from you.
Once again I THANK YOU!”

– Jay and Jeannie Schmid

“2014 we won the Baja 1000 & Score International World Championships using Yukon gears. We beat the hell out of those gears. Thanks for your gears and support in desert racing.”

– Sidewinder Racing

“When Ultra-4 was building our Spec Class program we knew the cars had to be built strong and we had a lot of drivetrain options to go with.. Personally I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the 9” Grizzly Locker but was told by close industry friends to give them a try. We debuted the cars at 2014 KOH and haven’t had to change any of the lockers out or had one problem at all. That’s with over 6 months of racing from Hammers to Baja and Glen Helen. Honestly, I wouldn’t of believed you had to told me how solid of a unit these are.”

– Dave Cole – Ultra4 Racing

“I’ve used Yukon products in my YJ rockcrawler for years before getting into Ultra4 stock class endurance racing. They were a natural choice when we built our new race vehicle, a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. We’ve never broken a Yukon drivetrain component in years of rock-crawling and now two seasons of professional racing.””

– Jason Kaminsky

“I started running Yukon parts 16 yrs ago in my first wheeler and haven’t used anyone since. Yukon builds strong, affordable products and has excellent customer care. I only run the best parts available in my race car and that’s why I run Yukon. I wouldn’t have finished 3rd in the nation in the 2013 Ultra4 series without them. Thanks, Yukon, for your continuing support for all these years!”

– Jason Blanton

“You have to finish to win. With Yukon Gear and Axle, I don’t have to worry about my axles, my locker, my gears, or my hubs. They are strong, dependable, and affordable. We had an issue in the 2013 EMC with my compressor and another companies’ locker not working that kept me from finishing within time. A long overdue move to the Yukon Competition Zip locker in my front D60 has eliminated that issue. Once I switched to Yukon, it was nothing but podium finishes once again. I can’t recommend Yukon Gear and Axle products highly enough. I have consistently pushed and abused the racecar and Yukon takes every bit of it and more. Zero breaks or failures with any Yukon product the last two years of racing. Thank you, Yukon, for amazing products and unparalleled”

– Alan Johnson

“My Grizzly/Zip combo works awesome in my rig! I’ve recently finished the install/set up and it was a blast. Everything fit great!

I can honestly say that Grizzly+Zip = GRIP!!”
– Levi King

“The 4493 runs Yukon products in both front and rear axles. There is not a better feeling than leaving the start line knowing you can trust your axle parts 100%. The quality of the parts is top notch and Yukon’s service cannot be beat. We service our axles often and wear items get replaced as needed. No delays and we love having a company that stands behind us as a race team and the entire sport. Thank you for another great year of racing, Yukon.”

– Andrew McLaughlin

“The Yukon Hardcore Locking hubs are stout. We used them to race at the 2013 King of the Hammers in our 4500 class race rig to prove their strength. They certainly are strong and we had zero issues.”

– John Herrick, CRAWL Magazine

“As Cody and I were welding brackets back on axle housings, replacing almost every bushing on the whole jeep, power steering pump, and discussing cooling issues. It occurred to me that besides a set of axle joints and a rear ring and pinion that was taken out by a Lock Rite blowing apart, that none of my Yukon axles, gears, or Grizzly had given me one bit of trouble. A welcomed relief after the first part of the season when I couldn’t keep axles and lockers in one piece. A huge thanks to you and the Yukon team! And a testament on the quality of parts you make!
Thanks for all the help this year! And here’s looking forward to another season as a part of your great team!”

– Steven “Delco” David

“Love the DIFF WIZARD….Just use the drop down menu and you have the differential that you are working on…..you can see all the parts offered for that differential and the prices….the box stores have some parts for differentials but not like RANDYS…most complete sets compared to box stores…..glad I found you guys! You guys make differential work much easier.”

– Paul Bonn

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