Differential Lockers

Find Differential Lockers & Spools for Your Vehicle & Fitment


Whether you drive a Jeep, truck, 4×4 or RWD vehicle, the addition of a differential locker will significantly increase the traction and performance of your drivetrain system. This is accomplished by forcing both axles and tires to rotate equally in a ‘locked’ position with 100% power transferred to both sides. When locked your differential is able to more easily traverse off road obstacles like rocks and vegetation, and power through terrain covered in snow, sand or mud.

At RANDYS we carry a variety of aftermarket lockers from Yukon Gear & Axle and USA Standard Gear to fit a wide range of differentials. Our lockers are quality tested at our Everett, Washington facility, and trusted by enthusiasts and professional race teams around the world.

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Selectable Lockers

Select between locked (greater traction) and open (wider range of steering) with the flip of a switch. Great for vehicles that regularly travel both pavement and trails.

Air-operated lockers are available under the Yukon Zip Locker line.

Automatic Lockers

When you need maximum grip and traction, an automatic mechanical locker is an excellent choice. These lockers automatically lock as needed to provide 100% power to both tires.

For serious traction the Yukon Grizzly Locker offers top of the line performance.

Lunchbox Lockers

An easy to install, and highly affordable, option for off-road rigs. A lunchbox locker installs directly into your differential housing, replacing existing spider gears.

Choose the Spartan Locker from USA Standard for aggressive off-road traction.

Full Spools & Mini-Spools

Spools offer a simple traction solution by connecting axles directly to the ring gear. Full turning and variable wheel speed is sacrificed for 100% lockup.

Mini-spools fit into existing stock carriers while a full spool will replace the complete carrier.