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Driveshafts form the core of driveline systems, transferring torque and rotation to the differential and drivetrain. Because of the level of stress placed on the driveshaft and its assembly, it is important to keep these components functioning at a high level to avoid potential failure, or weakening of the driveline.

In the more demanding environments of off road, drag and track the stress put on a driveshaft is even greater. Performance driveshafts provide higher strength, and more responsive components, to meet these needs.

Yukon Performance Driveshafts for Jeep JK & JL

Providing an upgrade over stock drive lines, these complete driveshaft assemblies are specially engineered to provide performance for off road or track use. Double cardan joints, and high strength steel, allow for increased articulation to accommodate lifts, reduced vibration, and improved durability on the trail. Yukon Performance Driveshafts are currently available for all Jeep JK and JL models, and for 4×4 and racing as custom orders.

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USA Standard Replacement OE Driveshafts

USA Standard Driveshafts are available in over 600 part numbers for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, and select imports. These driveshafts provide an affordable solution when needing to replace a worn, or broken, driveshaft in the front or rear end of your vehicle.

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