Universal Joints

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Universal joints are found in driveshafts and in front axle shaft assemblies. They couple the driveshaft to the differential and either the transmission or transfer case, and couple the inner front axle shaft to the outer stub shaft.

U-Joint Functionality

Universal joints, a.k.a “U-Joints”, transmit rotary motion between two shafts that are not in a straight line. U-Joints are commonly found in drivelines and front axle shafts. U-Joints are used in drivelines because the angle of the driveline can change while in motion. Front axle shaft use U-Joints because they have to turn as they rotate.

U-Joints are simple to make and relatively inexpensive to mass produce which is why they are frequently designed to be the weakest link in a front axle assembly, as a U-Joint is much cheaper to replace than an axle. With proper care U-Joints can last for years in a rig you don’t take off road.

The most common types of U-Joints are 1310 followed by 1330 and 1350. 1 ton trucks will use 1480 and 1485.


Yukon Super Joints

Super Joints are made from chromoly steel (SAE Grade 4340) instead of standard carbon steel, which improves the strength of the U-Joint by 50% or more. The two major weak links in a standard U-Joint are the cross and the roller bearing caps. In a Super Joint the cross is replaced with the Chromoly steel alloy while the roller bearings are replaced with caps/bushings or pins.

An Off Road Only U-Joint is a type of Super Joint not made for continuous rotation without regular maintenance due to the bushing needing frequent lubrication. Super Joints that use bushings are for rigs that need raw strength over long service and are used mostly on trail-oriented rigs.

Universal Joint Sizes

RANDYS carries the following U-Joint sizes:

  • U-joints – 1310
  • U-joints – 1330
  • U-joints – 1350
  • U-joints – 1410
  • U-joints – 1480
  • U-joints – 1485
  • U-Joints – 1550
  • U-Joints – 1555
  • U-joints – 7260
  • U-joints – 7290
  • U-joints – Adapter
  • U-joints – Mechanics 3R
  • U-joints – Misc.
  • U-Joints – Off Road Only

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