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Hardcore Locking Hubs

Manual locking hubs provide the selectability between open axles for improved gas mileage, and reduced wear, and locked axles for maximum traction and grip when off-roading or towing.

At RANDYS we carry premium hubs under our Yukon Hardcore Locking Hub product line. These lockout hubs feature an all-steel construction, large locking teeth, low-profile bezel face and a default-to-locked design. All Yukon Hardcore Locking Hubs come backed with a lifetime warranty.

For a selection of Dodge Ram and Jeep models that don’t come standard with locking hubs, we offer a premium locking hub conversion kit through our Yukon Spin Free Kit line.

Spin Free Kits

For increased performance on your later model Jeep or 1-ton truck, you have two options when it comes to your spindles. You can either replace the standard tapered roller bearing in favor of a unit bearing design or you can upgrade to a Yukon Spin Free Kit, which includes a standard tapered roller bearing design in addition to locking hubs.

Unit Bearing Elimination

While inexpensive there are several disadvantages to unit bearings:

  • They are non-serviceable
  • High cost of replacing them
  • The amount of drag they impose on the drivetrain

Spin Free kits avoid the problems of a Unit Bearing by converting the front end to a standard, tapered roller bearing design in addition to adding locking hubs.

Several advantages are gained by installing a Spin Free kit to a vehicle.

  • Significant mileage gains are seen due to the reduced drag of tapered roller bearings.
  • Maintenance costs are greatly reduced due to the low cost of tapered roller bearings over a unit bearing.
  • Greater strength is obtained due to the 4340 Chromoly outer axle stubs and Hardcore Locking Hubs that are included in the kit.
  • Wear and tear on all front axle components are reduced with the addition of the locking hubs in addition to giving the driver two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive selectability.

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