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Pinion yokes or flanges slide over the splines on the pinion gear and mate the driveline to the differential via a universal joint. The universal joint is retained to the pinion yoke via a set of u-bolts or straps. Pinion yokes come in a variety of universal joint sizes and materials including cast iron, forged steel and aluminum.

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Purpose of a Yoke

A yoke attaches to the pinion gear on a differential by way of internal splines on the yoke that mate up to external splines on the pinion. The yoke transfers power from the driveshaft to the differential by means of a universal joint.

Improved Performance

Factory yokes are a cast material and generally not suitable for aggressive racing or off-road use. Common yoke upgrades fall into two categories: Yoke Material and Universal Joint Size.

High performance yokes are created with both billet steel and forged steel materials which offer a significant strength increase over the stock cast material. Many differential applications have a variety of u-joint size options; increasing the size of the u-joint will also increase the strength.

Yoke Strap & U-Bolt Kits

Yoke straps and U-Bolt kits are designed to attach the U-Joint to the yoke. Depending on your application you will use either a yoke strap or a U-Bolt kit.