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RANDYS Worldwide Automotive
About Us

RANDYS Worldwide Automotive is more than just the leading US supplier for ring & pinions, axles, installation kits, third members, race/differential small parts, tools, lockers, and positractions. RANDYS Worldwide Automotive is the one-stop solution to all of your differential needs. We are defined by unsurpassed inventory, vast parts selection, and top-notch industry expertise.

Our employees don’t just know vehicles, they love vehicles, and many have experience building their own. It’s this passion for parts that gives us an edge over the competition. Customers are guaranteed to find the part they need, the know-how to use it, and enthusiastic support from our staff every step of the way.

We take quality assurance very seriously. Orders are double-checked for accuracy; once when the order is placed, and again before the package is shipped. We are always improving and updating our quality assurance processes. With our strategically located distribution centers, Ring & Pinion Serivce, Inc. delivers to any US location within 1 to 3 days. Ordering and fulfillment processes are fully automated and streamlined for efficiency.

Above all, at Ring & Pinion Serivce, Inc., respect and integrity drive our business. Our customers are the reason we come to work in the morning, and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal. RANDYS Worldwide Automotive is a Washington corporation.

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About Us
About Us