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Grizzly Locker

Grizzly: Mechanical Locker

Overview of a GRIZZLY

The Yukon Grizzly Locker® is the ultimate mechanical locker approved by NASCAR and chosen by Ultra4 Off-Road racing as the locker of choice. This automatic, speed sensing locker is built to devour the most challenging desert racing, trail rides and hill climbs you can run. Built with stronger materials including stronger internals and cases, with patented design features increasing strength and durability. Yukon Grizzly Lockers lead the industry with new applications every year while winning in off-road, desert, and drag racing performance. Demand the best in traction, Demand the Yukon Grizzly Locker®.

The Yukon Grizzly Locker is backed by the Best Warranty in the Business. One (1) Year and up to $2,000 in collateral damage to your vehicle. Call today or order online.

Grizzly Lockers by Yukon

Performance Applications

Grizzly Lockers are available for a variety of car & truck applications, with new applications being added all the time!

bullet point   AMC Model 35
bullet point   Chrysler 11.5”
bullet point   Dana “Super” 60
bullet point   Dana 30
bullet point   Dana 44
bullet point   Dana 50
bullet point   Dana 60
bullet point   Ford 8”
bullet point   Ford 8.8”
bullet point   Ford 9”
bullet point   Ford 10.25”
bullet point   Ford 10.5”
bullet point   GM 8.5”
bullet point   GM 8.6”
bullet point   GM 10.5” 14 bolt truck
bullet point   GM 11.5”
bullet point   Nissan Titan
bullet point   Toyota 8”
bullet point   Toyota Reverse 8”
bullet point   Toyota 9.5” Landcruiser

Grizzly Locker Parts:

bullet point   YGLD30-4-27
bullet point   YGLD30-4-30
bullet point   YGLD44-3-30
bullet point   YGLD44-3-30-JK
bullet point   YGLD44-4-30
bullet point   YGLD50-30
bullet point   YGLD60-3-30
bullet point   YGLD60-3-35
bullet point   YGLD60-3-40
bullet point   YGLD60-4-30
bullet point   YGLD60-4-35
bullet point   YGLD60-4-40
bullet point   YGLF10.25-35
bullet point   YGLF8.8-28
bullet point   YGLF8.8-31
bullet point   YGLF8-28
bullet point   YGLF8-31
bullet point   YGLF9-28
bullet point   YGLF9-31
bullet point   YGLF9-31-LB
bullet point   YGLF9-31-RACE
bullet point   YGLF9-35
bullet point   YGLF9-35-LB
bullet point   YGLF9-35-RACE
bullet point   YGLF9-35-RACE-LB
bullet point   YGLGM11.5-30
bullet point   YGLGM11.5-38
bullet point   YGLGM14T-30
bullet point   YGLGM8.5-3-30
bullet point   YGLM35-4-27
bullet point   YGLM35-4-30
bullet point   YGLNTITAN-32
bullet point   YGLR2.5-16
bullet point   YGLT8-30
bullet point   YGLTLC-30
bullet point   YGLTV6-30
Grizzly Lockers by Yukon
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An Improved Design

Yukon Gear & Axle is proud to introduce the Grizzly Locker, the latest in locking differentials, featuring an 8620 steel alloy case, forged 8620 internals that are hand fitted for faster engagement, and a patent pending design which reduces common locker failures.

The inner clutch teeth have a larger radius at the base; offering improved strength versus back-cut designs by up to 350%. Larger teeth also help to avoid breakage against shock-loading or in the event an axle breaks.

Anatomy of a Mechanical Locker

These units provide maximum traction and strength for many performance applications.

Yukon Grizzly Locker Details

  • • A mechanical positive-locking differential.
  • • Larger base cross section.
  • • Larger radius tooth base.
  • • Features an 8620 case, forged 8620 internals, and a design, patents issued and pending, which reduces common locker failures.
  • • Provides maximum traction and strength for many performance applications.
  • • Tested and assembled in the USA!
  • • Backed by The Best Warranty in the Business!
  • • One year Best in the Business Warranty.
  • • $2,000 collateral damage warranty for one (1) year.
  • • More warranty info here.
Yukon Gear makes the best Lockers!

Locker Comparisons

Grizzly Locker is top of the line!