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More power

For increased performance on your later model Jeep or 1-ton truck you have two options when it comes to your spindles. You can either replace the standard tapered roller bearing in favor of a unit bearing design or you can use a Spin Free kit, which includes a standard tapered roller bearing design in addition to locking hubs.

Unit Bearing Design

While inexpensive there are several disadvantages to unit bearings:

  • • They are non-serviceable
  • • High cost of replacing them
  • • The amount of drag they impose on the drivetrain

Spin Free kit advantages

Spin Free kits avoid the problems of a Unit Bearing by converting the front end to a standard, tapered roller bearing design in addition to adding locking hubs.

Several advantages are gained by installing a Spin Free kit to a vehicle.

  • • Significant mileage gains are seen due to the reduced drag of tapered roller bearings.
  • • Maintenance costs are greatly reduced due to the low cost of tapered roller bearings over a unit bearing.
  • • Greater strength is obtained due to the 4340 Chrome-Moly outer axle stubs and Hardcore Locking Hubs that are included in the kit.
  • • Wear and tear on all front axle components are reduced with the addition of the locking hubs in addition to giving the driver two wheel drive to four wheel drive selectability.

Removing the unit bearing assembly and installing a spin free unit is simple enough. You can find detailed directions here