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Ring & Pinion Sets

Core of the Differential

Ring and Pinion gear set

The ring and pinion gears, also known as Hypoid gears, are key components of your differential that make it possible to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. There are multiple ways to transfer the torque load from the driveline 90 degrees to the wheels, but the Hypoid gear design is the most popular method because it is stronger, quieter, and can be used for higher reduction ratios than alternative methods.

Setting Pinion Bearing Preload

How to set Ring & Pinion backlash

The Ring and Pinion Pair

Each ring and pinion set is manufactured and then lapped together to create a matched pair. The lapping process removes material from the two gears to smooth and polish the contact surfaces. This in turn reduces friction between the two gears, which makes the gears more efficient and also reduces the amount of heat that is generated from the gears that would prematurely break down the differential fluid and causes component failure.

Ring & Pinion break-in procedure