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Differentials Book

The Ultimate Book on Differentials and Axles!

The Ultimate Book on Differentials and Axles, now available in 2nd edition! If you've ever wished for an easy-to-understand, comprehensive book that could walk you through the repair, upgrade, and modification of differentials and axles, your day has come. Differentials is a new 408 page book on the science and practical aspects of repairing or upgrading your vehicle's front or rear differential. Well known automotive writer Jim Allen and differential guru Randy Lyman teamed up to create a stunningly complete book. The book is filled with step-by-step, "how-to" information and tips as well as interesting and useful data such as how to identify and use different differential products and the history of the automotive differential. Each of the seven chapters offers a wealth of information, photos and diagrams of differential operation, repair, set up, and modification. The second edition features new differential applications, updated positractions and lockers, and new photos.

Beyond the "how-to", the book delivers an in-depth technical education to assist the reader in making informed choices on all aspects of axle performance upgrades. Everything you need to know about light repairs, major repairs, and modifications is covered in a detailed, easy to understand format. An added bonus is the Axle Encyclopedia, which contains a list of detailed technical and application specifications on more than 70 axles. Photos of differential covers are included for easy identification of your application, plus a complete list of common dimensions and specifications for installation. Whether you're a beginner getting ready for your first differential job or an old pro looking to make your job easier, Differentials offers the largest-ever collection of differential information in a format that everyone can understand.

Here are some examples of the info you will find:

Chrysler-Adjustable-Wheel-Bearings Chrysler-Adjustable-Wheel-Bearings  (964 KB)
Front-Axle-U-Joints-101 Front-Axle-U-Joints-101  (1534 KB)
Gearing-For-Economy Gearing-For-Economy  (512 KB)
Gearing-For-Off-Road-Performance Gearing-For-Off-Road-Performance  (925 KB)
Gearing-For-Towing Gearing-For-Towing  (786 KB)
Reading-and-Adjusting-Ring-and-Pinion-Tooth-Patterns Reading-and-Adjusting-Ring-and-Pinion-Tooth-Patterns  (2270 KB)
Rebuilding-a-Ford-Traction-Lok Rebuilding-a-Ford-Traction-Lok  (4084 KB)
Removing-and-Replacing-Bearings Removing-and-Replacing-Bearings  (693 KB)
Replacing-an-Axle-U-Joint Replacing-an-Axle-U-Joint  (3877 KB)
Semi-Float-vs-Full-Float Semi-Float-vs-Full-Float  (928 KB)
Using-a-Pinion-Depth-Setting-Tool Using-a-Pinion-Depth-Setting-Tool  (1628 KB)

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